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School-Wide PBIS Community Café
On Wednesday, March 28, the school community at Seward Elementary paused from their daily routines to engage in discussion topics for re-teaching PBIS lessons using a Community Café model. Students were organized in buddy classes with two grade levels and teachers utilized a variety of engagement strategies in order to facilitate discussion among the students.  The PBIS Team determined the three discussion prompts utilizing the PBIS data collected. The three prompts that the students discussed were:

1.      What are some things you can do in the cafeteria when you are finished eating?
2.      How does an appropriate voice level make lunch time more pleasant?
3.      What class rewards would you like to work for by showing appropriate cafeteria behavior?

Some responses from the students in regards to what they can do in the cafeteria when they are finished eating were: to talk with friends with an indoor voice, use the coloring sheets and crayons, play games quietly, remain seated and study for any tests or quizzes coming up.
When the students discussed how an appropriate voice level makes lunch time more pleasant they mentioned that it prevents students from getting headaches, allows them to hear each other, allows the lunch monitors to hear and help them more, and just makes it a fun time to talk to friends.
Students ended the discussion discussing the types of class rewards that they would like to work for by showing appropriate cafeteria behavior. Some of their ideas were: picnic lunches outside, earning a class Bee Buck, having a dance party, a class movie, extra recess time and VIP seating in the cafeteria for a day.
The Community Café lasted for approximately 20 minutes and many teachers shared the responses of their students that were, in turn, shared with the school community in between prompts over the PA system.  The students showed a high level of engagement throughout the experience and contributed to rich discussions in every buddy group!
The following day on Thursday, March 29, the students participated in a PBIS celebration, “Seward Stinger Olympics” where each grade level wore an assigned color and participated in grade level relay races that included the marshmallow/spoon carry relay, crab walk soccer, the hoola hoop pass, an obstacle course and many more fun relays.  It was a great way to celebrate the students exemplifying respect, responsibility, safety and engagement.